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New Zealand IoT Alliance

The local and global impact of IoT

IoT data-driven insights are driving measurable impact across various people, place and planet local and global initiatives. As this year draws to a close, we reflect on the challenges we’ve faced but also the increased impact, opportunity, awareness, and value of IoT solutions across consumer and business markets. Sensor technologies and aligned data science initiatives continue to have a huge impact here in Aotearoa and globally across agriculture, utilities, transportation, healthcare, logistics & supply chain, and education.

We have continued our efforts this year to connect, promote and advance IoT across industry, government, education institutions, and start-ups. Our focus this year has been on identifying impact areas, driving collaboration, and supporting and facilitating partnerships. Key activities this year have been our Working Groups, Whitepaper series, Industry and Government briefing papers and advocacy including:

  • Smart Cities Working Group  – survey and research into IoT devices in a smart cities context.
  • Ledger of Things Whitepaper series – whitepaper produced on the industry opportunities via the intersection of blockchain and IoT. Volume One includes water, energy and supply chain logistics.
  • Education Working Group – collated and published information on IoT courses available in New Zealand academic institutions.
  • Cyber Security Working Group – advised the National Cyber Policy Office on the future of cybersecurity in relation to IoT.

We’ll hit the ground again early next year with a strategy planning session. We welcome input from members and the wider community on how to accelerate and realise the value potential of IoT in Aotearoa. Most importantly, we’d like to thank all our members for their support and sustained involvement in driving IoT forward in New Zealand.

Wishing you all a safe, enjoyable festive season and we look forward to engaging together through our various initiatives in 2023.

Ngā mihi nui,

Kriv Naicker – Chair and the team at the NZ IoT Alliance

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