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The FinTech community in action – this time in three dimensions

After about two and a half years of attending online webinars and many hours of zoom calls it has been really refreshing to be returning to our in person ‘connect’ events, and once catch up with our friends and colleagues – this time in three dimensions!

When Covid hit, FinTechNZ like so many communities had to do a bit of a mind reset on how we deliver value and moved quickly to the online zoom styled webinar and conference meeting formats. Actually, this transition worked out pretty well and showed us that we can indeed increase our reach beyond whichever town the event was being held in across Aotearoa – and expand participation across the world. Despite online digital formats tending to have as much as 100% higher registrations than in person events, they do unfortunately suffer from attrition of sometimes up to 40% from either non attendance or simply dropping off over the session. It is a common pattern across the world and I am sure you, like me, have signed up for an online event and then got distracted by everyday business that so (in) conveniently shows up on your screen. Multi-tasking is so much a part of our world these days!

TechWeek’22 taught us a lot about online formats with 79 Techweek TV sessions and 417 events – an astonishing growth curve since NZTech started this initiative back in 2012. (During TechWeek FinTechNZ members contributed to , or ran about 12 events). Our challenge going forward is to embrace the learnings from Digital and now kick back into in person events and find ways to explore Hybrid style solutions. I think we are all learning how to do this – and it does bring physical challenges we are all exploring. More on what is coming up below.

The changing face of member valueAs noted above, when Covid hit, our decline in membership was at a low point of 142, this was probably a reflection of both the Covid effect, but perhaps also perceived loss of value in not being able to run ‘in person’ events. Fast forward to the last financial year and I think we have all seen that online digital formats do work, provide great value and should now be a regular part of our landscape. Looking at the NZTech annual report released last month (see here) I am also pleased to report we ran 36 events last year and have increased our membership (to 180+) and climbing. We have strong interest also coming from international companies and are re-engaging with our international partners as well. FinTechNZ is pleased to welcome the following members:

  • AfterPay
  • Arcanum AI
  • Banked
  • Binance
  • Clara
  • Cumulo9
  • Ecosystem Advisory
  • Janet Cherey Consulting
  • Money Sweet Spot Limited
  • Outpace
  • Shift compliance
  • Stace Hammond Lawyers
  • Tātaki Auckland Unlimited
  • Windi Weir
  • Wise

Upcoming events – mark you calendar nowThe FinTechNZ community has sprung back into action. Our first in person event for at least a year was last week hosted by Marsh, in their new offices, in the PWC Tower, titled Exploring risks for technology companies’. It was fabulous to see their ‘roundtable’ format being used over our other regular presentation/panel formats.

Over the coming months we have an exciting selection of in person events from both our members and/or partners with the major event being the FinTech Hui Tamata to be held in the Aotea Centre in Auckland on 28 February 2023. We have just launched the new FinTech Hui website here.Below is a quick overlay of some of the events coming up this side of Christmas.
29th August – Spotlight on Asian markets (in person)

Hosted by new member Alibaba and in association with Invest Hong Kong, NZTE and FinTechNZ, this luncheon styled event is an extension of the recent sessions we have hosted on opening up gateways into Asia with NZTE, Singapore FinTech and Hong Kong FinTech festivals. Places are limited so register today
RegTech Events – 30 August and 29 September (online)

Welcoming new association RegTechNZ into the fold, they are hosting two events for this fast growth working group one focusing on how Open Finance can help power RegTech solutions and the second being the Regtech showcase.RegTech have also recently launched their new homepage which gives an overview of their purpose and objectives. The interest in RegTech is taking off around the world and Aotearoa is no exception. If you want to do a bit of discovery come along to these next two events or join the working group. See here.

15 September – Attracting great talent into FinTech (in person)

Kernel have recently  moved to their funky new premises in Queen street and are hot off their round NZ investment roadshow. During the event we will be asking the question ‘What does great FinTech talent look like and what can FinTech companies do to attract and retain it?’ We’ll also delve into the skills that are needed in the FinTech industry and how we can match these with what employees are looking for.The panel includes both employees, employers, and connectors in the industry, each providing a different lens on the topic.
Register here.

21-22 September – Financial Services Council (Hybrid)

For the last four years FinTechNZ has run the FinTech stream for their highly respected conferences. This year we are running the Tech Alley, the session on Open Finance and the session on sustainability. This is an excellent event and highly recommended. Take advantage of our Members Discount using the code FINTECH22, this will give FinTechNZ members $250 off the $750 1 day ticket. To register please click here.
28 February – FinTech Hui Taumata (in person)

We are pleased to launch the FinTech Hui’s new website with the Hui Taumata (special summit) being our premium member event of the year. The theme this year is titled ‘Made in Aotearoa – For the World’ and as you guessed, it is focused on embracing all that is fast moving on FinTech around the world in order to help us build capability and capacity to export FinTech.We are actively working with content providers, our sponsors and the events team to gear up for this very special event purposefully capped to 250 delegates. Please watch this space as we bring you more updates. We have some sponsorship options available, so please contact Jason here.

Finally, If you are exploring an event with the FinTechNZ community, do reach out to Jason in the first instance to consider approach, the topic and booking in to the events calendar.

Nga Mihi

Jason Roberts

Executive Director

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