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Sustainable Finance: April update

Our Sustainable Finance working group has created three groups to support the following projects: 

  1. National Adaptation Plan: Action 3.2: Design and develop risk and resilience and climate adaptation information portals – this will explore the development of information portals to address a need for equitable access to reliable, consistent climate risk data required for robust climate-related disclosures.
  2. Sustainable Agriculture Finance Initiative (SAFI) data project – this group is currently seeking investment to develop a centralised data architecture that enables the real-time sharing of data by allowing farmers to connect who they are, the business they represent and the land (farm operations) in the form of identifiers which then, through permissions, and allowing others to access that data.
  3. Sustainability research project – this group will scope a research project to understand some of the challenges relating to data and technology as solutions for improved sustainability and reporting in New Zealand.  

We look forward to sharing progress on each of these projects.

If you would like to know more about the Sustainable Finance working group, please follow us here.

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