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Securing a successful AI-powered future

Warner Bros Discovery’s recent announcement scaling back operations in New Zealand’s free-to-air news sector, marks another blow to independent news sources. 

This move underscores a broader trend of traditional media outlets grappling with the generational shift and rise of social platforms. It also raises a raft of questions – how can we be better placed to harness the advantages of AI? How can we help our creatives to be drivers of their own destiny? What does AI really mean for our creative industries? 

“As society increasingly relies on digital platforms for news consumption, concerns arise about who will deliver reliable journalism. The implications of the changing landscape extend beyond media dynamics, impacting societal discourse and information dissemination,” says AI Forum of New Zealand’s executive director, Madeline Newman. 

“Next week we’re discussing these issues in a global conversation on the intersection of AI and the creative industries. We’ll be exploring how AI can be harnessed to shape the future of the creative industries and empower creators to navigate the evolving landscape,” she says.

The AI Forum New Zealand, WeCreate, FutureWorks, Datacom and CreativeHQ proudly present AI in Creative Industries Conference, Tuesday 5 – Wednesday 6 March in Wellington and online. Live-stream satellite events are also being held at design schools throughout Australia and New Zealand, including academyEX, The University of Auckland, Media Design School, Victoria University of Wellington, Torrens University Australia and Billy Blue College of Design.

“We’re delighted to be hosting the BBC’s Laura Ellis who is leading the conversation, combining creators and thought leaders from across Aotearoa New Zealand and the globe.”

BBC’s Laura Ellis is joined by Danijela Horak, WētāFX’s Kimball Thurston and Runway’s Cristobal Velenzuela. More speakers are to be announced.

Day One includes discussion on technology at the cutting-edge of production and post-production. Day Two explores policy, ethics, the impact on creative people and the future of work.

“Join us as we envision a future where creativity and technology converge to drive innovation and propel the creative industries forward.” 

“With leading global industry speakers, informed panel discussions and interactive workshops and highly topical roundtables; this is a fantastic opportunity to hear directly from the creators and thought leaders in AI and creative ecosystems as we explore ways to secure a successful, AI-powered future,” says Madeline.

AI in Creative Industries Conference

5-6 March, 2024 Live from Wellington

For further information or interview please contact:

Madeline Newman, Executive Director, AI Forum of New Zealand.

Phone 021 274 9778 


The Artificial Intelligence Forum of New Zealand (AI Forum) is a purpose-driven, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) that is funded by members. The association was founded in 2017.

The AI Forum brings together New Zealand’s community of artificial intelligence technology innovators, end users, investor groups, regulators, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and interested public to work together to find ways to use AI to help enable a prosperous, inclusive and thriving future for our nation.

The Forum advances New Zealand’s AI ecosystem through connections, advocacy, growing talent and collaboration. The AI Forum promotes the economic opportunities raised by AI, supporting great applications of AI and emerging New Zealand AI firms, and also works to ensure that society can adapt to the rapid and far-reaching changes that AI technology will bring.

AI Forum The AI Forum brings together New Zealand’s artificial intelligence community, working together to harness the power of AI technologies to enable a prosperous, inclusive and thriving future New Zealand.