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NZTech Inform – your personal challenge!

NZTech Inform – your personal challenge! Let’s help get more kids involved in tech

Kia ora, 

This week, let’s all do one thing each to help get more kids involved in tech! Here are a few initiatives to consider:

First, check out the TechHub website, a partnership between NZTech and IT Professionals. The TechHub will help you find ways to inspire the next generation into tech. There are opportunities through TechHub Talks to visit your local school and talk to students about a job in tech, or be involved in ShadowTech to host students and teachers at your work. I encourage you to start planning how you can positively contribute in 2023.

The Laptop Drop is looking to expand into more schools next year and welcomes your support. If you have any developer laptops, please consider donating them for this worthwhile initiative. Currently, schools sign up to the programme for the number and types of devices they need.  Many high school subjects require high-spec computers and this can be challenging for many parents and schools to fund. This means kids either don’t choose these subjects or spend their lunchtime and other breaks in classrooms completing assignments and homework.  Learn more about how you can get involved. 

Another great initiative for delivering devices to students is Recycle a Device (RAD). The team at RAD match those who need a laptop with a donated and refurbished device. RAD takes donated laptops and teaches students how to refurbish them. They then work with community groups to give them students who need them.

Have you considered helping your local Code Club, a nationwide network of free, volunteer-led coding clubs for kids?  You can become a volunteer by donating one hour of time per week. Using the Code Club resources you can support children to make games, animations and websites. Find your local club and if you don’t have the time, please consider a financial donation

It’s not just all about coding either. Check out House of Science, a charity that creates and sends curriculum ready science experiments to teachers throughout New Zealand. Each donation creates a new science box and opens the eyes of an entire class of students.|

These are just a few ideas to show you how you can easily be involved and create meaningful impact. Let’s actively encourage more students into tech pathways, and provide them with the tools to get involved. Every donation of money or time can help create a life changing opportunity for a Kiwi kid. Plus, ultimately, it will help reduce the shortages of local tech talent in the coming years.

Ngā mihi 
Graeme Muller

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