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Highlight from the Aotearoa AI Summit

Kia ora,

The recent AI Forum Summit in Auckland was undoubtedly a highlight of the year, full of insights, networking, and action plans geared toward the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various sectors. IoT Alliance was thrilled to support an exclusive workshop with Mott MacDonald, focusing on bridging AI and IoT in infrastructure.

The Workshop: Mott MacDonald

The workshop, aptly titled “Unveiling the Future: Bridging AI and IoT in Infrastructure,” was aimed at thought leaders, engineers, and decision-makers in the construction industry. Attendees delved into future-ready applications of AI and IoT for managing infrastructure portfolios in water, transport, and energy sectors. Interactive sessions, actionable implementation plans, and networking opportunities made it a must-attend event for anyone interested in leveraging these technologies for superior outcomes. Thank you to Maira Mingallon and the Mott Mac team for hosting a wonderful session.

Highlights from Dr. Chris Mattmann, NASA

One of the most captivating sessions at the AI Summit was led by Dr. Chris Mattmann, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at NASA. He shared invaluable insights into how AI fits into end-to-end mission designs – from ideation sketches to executing advanced missions like putting rovers on Mars. His talk drew fascinating parallels to our workshop theme, underscoring the necessity for integrating AI with IoT for more complex, efficient, and safe infrastructural projects.

Data Ethics and Sovereignty

The summit was also a wake-up call about the importance of data ethics in innovation. For IoT Alliance, this highlighted our strategic focus on data sovereignty, especially in the context of Industry 4.0. As we move forward, a nuanced understanding of data from macro, individual, and indigenous perspectives will be central to our project work.

We are invigorated by the knowledge, connections, and inspiration garnered at the AI Summit and look forward to further enriching the tech landscape of New Zealand. As we continue our efforts through this rapidly evolving ecosystem, we invite you to join us in tapping the limitless potential that technologies like AI and IoT offer. 

We are ready to host our annual general meeting on 3 October to showcase our work over the last 12 months, share our upcoming strategy, as well as welcome our new executive council. If you would like to be involved in any of our projects of work, feel free to reach out – we’re always around for a call or a coffee to learn more about your work and how we can help build a connected Aotearoa.

Alison Mackie,
Executive Director
NZ IoT Alliance

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