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Women in STEM Commercialisation Award

The Women in STEM Commercialisation Award honors a leading female academic or researcher who aspires to commercialise her technology to make a difference to the world we live in.

Designed to accelerate the leadership of women in STEM fields, the Pacific Channel Women in STEM Commercialisation Award, valued at $100,000 will shine a spotlight on exceptional talent and drive positive change in the growth of female-led technologies.

Applications close 14 October

The Award | The recipient of the Women in STEM Commercialisation Award will receive:

1. $5,000 cash award

2. $45k in-kind contribution from the Pacific Channel whānau including:

Dedicated Mentor

Nominated Pacific Channel mentor to formally work with innovator, set program goals, and guide/support the innovator and the project.

Commercial/Entrepreneurial and Scientific Advisory Board

Monthly commercialisation sessions on focused topics with members of the Pacific Channel extended whānau team and global expert advisers.

Legal and Accounting Advisors

Legal (MinterEllisonRuddWatts), accounting and financial forecasting advice (VCFO), advice as required. Media training and communications guidance from Joyce & Howse Consulting. With this commitment split between the members of the PC adviser whānau as required by the winner.

3. $50k project investment

An option to access $50k investment from the Pacific Channel Kea Fund to help drive their project forward. Kea Fund investment can be used for:

Working in parallel with the winner’s technology transfer office (if any) to bolster their existing capabilities and develop the venture.

Commercial Pathway Development

Supporting the development of a commercial pathway including market, competitive and industry validation (utilising third party providers where required).

Intellectual Property

Supporting the development of IP strategy, IP pathway assessment.

Technology Proof of Concept

Supporting design of work required to develop proof of concepts including paying for the time of the award winner where required and/or to engage in independent third-party technical validation.

Two other applicants will be awarded a $2,500 cash prize each in recognition of their work and potential.



Oct 27
12:00 am