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Skills Exploratory Hui

Skills are critical to the growth of any sector, especially in high-skill and high complexity sectors such as digital and information technology. The Skills Workstream of the Industry Transformation Plan is working towards solutions across the full skills pipeline.

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to participate in some exploratory huis, looking at different aspects of the skills issues in digital tech and what can be done to remove barriers.

These are not talk-fests. We’ve condensed these to 2-hour initial exploratory meetings, intended for those who already possess a strong background in each area. They are outcomes-focused and based on evidence about the underlying issues of skills in the digital tech sector. Our collective job is to come up with concrete actions that will address challenges in each area and together, transform skills in our sector.

These huis form part of the Skills Workstream of the Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan currently being put together by Government and Industry. IT Professionals NZ is leading the Skills Workstream.

What and When

The 8 initial exploratory hui will take place over Zoom as follows:

1. Māori and Iwi Engagement
Explore how we can ensure a greater level of Māori and Iwi engagement in all aspects of the Skills Plan, including these exploratory huis, to ensure this is both a genuine partnership and respects Kaupapa Māori. This should be by Māori, for Māori, to Māori.
22 March 2021, 2pm-4pm
Lead: Rata Kamau

2. Disability and Bridging
How can we encourage and assist employers to remove barriers for disabled workers, while also supporting the disabled community to work within the digital tech industry?
24 March 2021, 10am-12pm
Lead: Chandra Harrison

3. Workplace-based Learning
Given relevant industry experience is core to the transition to work, what are some key actions that should be taken to provide greater industry-led workplace-based learning opportunities?
24 March 2021, 2pm-4pm
Lead: Malcolm Fraser

4. Skill Definitions Frameworks
How can we accelerate understanding of skills (vs roles) in industry, greater focus on skill frameworks such as SFIA, and support wider adoption of skills-based assessment and development?
25 March 2021, 1pm-3pm
Lead: Daniel Merriott

5. Schooling System
What needs to occur within the schooling system (Years 1-13) to help achieve our objectives, given the assumptions? How do we get more school students excited about careers in tech, what existing programmes should be supported and what new initiatives are required?
29 March 2021, 2pm-4pm
Lead: Paul Matthews

6. Government as an Employer
Given the Government is the largest employer of tech talent in New Zealand, what should Government do “as an employer”? Which agency should take ownership and how do we enable a cross-agency response?
31 March 2021, 10am-12pm
Lead: Paul Matthews

7. Diversity and Inclusion
Given the assumptions and outcomes, how do we ensure all actions also support the objective of improving diversity and inclusion in the digital technologies industries, and reduce the perception (and sometimes reality) of an industry less welcome to diversity?
Specific focus on gender, Māori and pacifika and ensuring equal opportunities for everyone.
31 March 2021, 2pm-4pm
Lead: Kate Pearce

8. Upskilling and Reskilling
How can we achieve a coordinated national approach to upskilling and reskilling, catalyse, fund and support initiatives in this space, and achieve greater industry buy-in to investing in upskilling existing workers?
1 April 2021, 1pm-3pm
Lead: David Glover



Mar 22 - Apr 01
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm