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Intangible Assets Driving Success and Failure: the Risks and Rewards of a Critical Asset Class

Intangible assets such as data, brands, software code, client lists, regulatory approvals and confidential information (including trade secrets) account for an estimated 87% of company value. Despite this, many companies diligently track low-value items in their fixed asset register and fail to identify valuable intangible assets which are typically absent from, or under-valued on, balance sheets. As a result, significant intangible value remains untapped.

However, the mood is changing. Smart boards and management teams are now proactively identifying what intangible assets they hold and are taking steps to extract value from those assets. At the same time, boards are learning to manage the ever-increasing risks associated with protecting intangible assets. Whether it be the increasing vulnerability of confidential information in today’s digital age, the risk of infringing third party intellectual property rights or directors’ liability for failure to adequately protect intangible assets, these risks need to be taken seriously.

  • What are intangible assets and why are they so valuable?
  • How can companies identify and leverage their intangible assets to build and maintain a competitive edge?
  • What questions should directors and management teams be asking in relation to their intangible asset positions?
  • What is the relevance of directors’ duties to the need for directors to understand, identify, optimise and protect intangible assets?
  • What are the key risks associated with intangible assets (including the increasing vulnerability of data in today’s digital age) and how can those risks be mitigated?
  • What are some examples of intangible asset success stories?

Rob Campbell – Chair of SkyCity Entertainment Group, Summerset, Tourism Holdings, and WEL Networks and director of Precinct Properties.
Ian Fletcher – Managing Director, InPhySec Security Ltd.
Paul Adams – Chief Executive Officer, EverEdge Global.

Sarah Kerr – Director, Lowndes.



Apr 10
7:30 am - 9:30 am
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Stamford Plaza
22-26 Albert Street
Auckland, 1010