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Identity fluctuation in the technology workplace

Identity plays a big part in who we are in the workplace. Our age, our ethnicity, our life experience and life events. Our Identity is something we create and it changes throughout our lives as our situation and experiences evolve.

We may start our career identifying ourselves as a youngster, green to experience but willing to learn, and then identify ourselves later as a career starter in meetings with many seemingly older, wiser, experienced people.

What grit and grace does it take to keep hold of your workplace identity?

Once  a successful young career person able to dedicate hours and hours to work and training, and looking fit and fabulous as work is sandwiched in by the gym!

And then you start a family and your entire identity changes. You are now a working, sleep deprived, time poor parent. Suddenly, your identity at work changes with your life priorities. How do you adapt to your new identity?

You could be at the very height of your career and then you decide this is it! Time to seize the day and Start Up your own business – or consultancy firm! And how does that shake your identity – how do you stay strong and resolute? Our webinar will host a panel of speakers talking about their experiences of Identity fluctuation and changes in the IT corporate environment.

Watch the webinar now.

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Tasia Stace - Oracle Team Lead - Servian
Mum of two, Dance Mum, Dog Walker and awesome person
Emma McLean - Founder and CEO - Works for Everyone
Mother to three teenagers, Taylor Swift fan, and Smashing The Motherhood Penalty
Sean Muller - Thought Leader - Cognizant New Zealand
Sean is an Enterprise Architect, Technology Leader and Public Speaker. Sean is passionate about the incredible opportunities that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can provide businesses, and he's been helping organisations move their ML models and AI functions into use rapidly for the last 4 years. He currently leads the AI/ML practice for Cognizant in New Zealand.
Alison Mackie - ED of multiple communities - Tech Alliance
Executive Director of BlockchainNZ, EdTechNZ, NZ IoT Alliance, and LocationTechNZ at the NZTech Alliance. Co-founder of the blockchain for utilities start-up MeterMe, member of the Young Directors Steering Group with the Institute of Directors, and board member of the i4 Institute.
Yvonne Daymond - Delivery Consultant - YDITCONSULT
Fijian wife, married to Maori Husband, mother of three boys. Humorous and a compassionate woman who always speaks from the heart!


Sep 07
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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