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How IoT and Machine Learning on AWS are helping native birds

Learn about how The Department of Conservation is using the Internet of Things and Machine Learning on AWS to help save the kākāpō and kiwi.


New Zealand is home to over 230 native birds. One in three are close to extinction, including the kākāpō and the kiwi. The kākāpō is critically endangered; the total known adult population is 147 living individuals, all of which are named. There are around 68,000 Kiwi left, and they are disappearing at a rate of around twenty per week. Volunteers, scientists and conservationists all over the country are working to save these birds across a range of projects.

In this talk, the Department of Conservation, Consegna and Qrious will share how they’re using innovative technology such as IoT and Machine Learning on Amazon Web Services to ensure the best outcomes for the kākāpō and kiwi. You’ll learn how technologies like smart eggs, drones and better genetic management are harnessed for kākāpō conservation, how automation and AI is transforming the way DoC identifies kiwi birds, and how these innovative approaches could impact conservation efforts across New Zealand.

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May 21
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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Department Of Conservation
22 Manners Street, Te Aro