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Why good storytelling is the key into new global markets (and how to do it)

This is an event run in partnership with FinTechNZ

Now is not the time to stall your marketing. Whether your company is one of the fortunate ones to have experienced increased growth, or if you’ve been knocked sideways by the crisis, to maintain and drive market share you need to continue delivering successful and engaging campaigns.

But how do you compete with the vast amount of noise already out there to achieve your goals of local and international growth?

The answer is simple: good storytelling. Good stories make things relevant and make people curious. They inspire us to do things. They entertain. They make people want to share and they make us feel part of something.

Brands who can do storytelling are better placed to market themselves successfully to their customers during a crisis, and those who do it well not only fend off the competition but also significantly increase engagement, loyalty and sales over the longer term.

In this session, we will cover:
– Why a crisis is a good time to evaluate your digital story
– Explore methods of interacting with prospects and gain deeper understanding of how to leverage content in different ways
– How storytelling is the key to growing in new markets, both locally and internationally
– Creating your long-term storytelling plan

Branch Road and Movio will discuss the vital role good storytelling plays in today’s marketing campaigns, and explore simple tactics to help you start understanding what your digital story is and how you tell it right.



Jul 27
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


Zoom (Webinar)
New Zealand