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EdTech in the Spotlight – Neurofrog | Accelerating the lives of One Billion Children

Parents passionately believe in their child, there’s a world of potential waiting to be unlocked. ‘’So, we’re on a mission to support these parents and accelerate the lives of One Billion Children by putting life-changing neuroscience into their hands during the critical first 1,000 days of life.’’  says Tim Haynes, CEO and Co-Founder of Neurofrog.

Connecting early childhood development with education and activities fosters healthier births and builds stronger cognitive and socio-emotional foundations. This, in turn, leads to improved life outcomes, learning experiences, and social mobility.

“Our Acceleration platform combines medical science, data science, and behavioural science to develop neuroscience-based parenting products and solutions that unlock human potential and create a brighter future for children and families.’’ Working with governments, organisations, and enterprises, Neurofrog’ s multilingual and AI-driven products are designed to provide personalised support and guidance for Asian parents, effectively catering to local communities at scale.

Recently, the team at Neurofrog has completed phase two, designing and testing their early childhood Acceleration program, platform, and data models. Now, in phase three, they are launching in Southeast Asia, with a focus on Singapore and Vietnam.

“In Vietnam, we’re launching a major project with a large leading community to deliver life-changing first 1,000 days support and education to Vietnamese parents at scale. In Singapore, we’ve partnered with an A*Star government brand, supporting them with one of our products while working to expand across more A*Star brands.’’ 

So why does this matter? “Humans are born with adaptable brains. The First 1,000 Days are essential for programming the foundation for future learning and life skills. This critical period presents a unique opportunity for parents to shape their child’s health, cognitive growth, social abilities, and academic success. Early childhood development is intertwined with lifelong learning, and when parents better comprehend this growth, they can unlock their child’s full potential.’’

Parents who are aware that learning begins at birth tend to engage more in supportive practices such as reading to infants and neurodevelopmental activities. This highlights the significance of parental knowledge in nurturing the boundless potential of every child.

During Neurofrog’ s Go to Market (GTM) phase late last year, they joined the Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ) Southeast Asia Market ‘Land and Understand’ programme, connecting Tim with key players in industry, education, government, and venture capital across Singapore, Vietnam, and Jakarta – key markets for Neurofrog. “Access to the ENZ regional platform has strengthened our regional ties, broadened our network, raised our visibility, and opened new doors, resulting in further in-market visits and relationships.’’

“Our Brains Trust Advisory has been enhanced by welcoming Craig Kemp, an international EdTech leader, to our board and appointing Dr. Truman Pham, an Education and EdTech leader, as an innovation consultant. Additionally, we have recently added Dr. Wan-Ting Yeh, a Neuroscientist and Early Childhood Development expert with a PhD from the University of Auckland, to our team.”

Neurofrog emerged from several pivots while developing products for families and has collaborated with over fifty local and international health, allied health, research, and education organisations to gather information, data, and feedback. The name Neurofrog, inspired by Luigi Galvani’s pioneering frog leg experiments that sparked today’s Neuro-Revolution, symbolises neuroscience’s power to help children leap ahead in life.

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