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Jackbord | CEO Stuart Ayres | Ingiting learners’ curiosity, imagination and creativity. 

JackBord Works provides tools to encourage students of all learning abilities and backgrounds, to engage with STEM and realise their potential through problem solving, creating solutions, collaboration and learning new skills. The goal is to increase the global STEM knowledge pool and support learners to contribute meaningfully and confidently in our ever-changing world. Through JackBord and STEM, learners will broaden their career opportunities.

Requiring no prior knowledge, JackBord provides an authentic, hands-on, real-world experience. “It’s the ultimate tool for teaching and learning STEM for all abilities from nine years old and above,” says CEO Stuart Ayres. “The JackBord is a powerful, multifunctional and robust electronics device, designed to work in any learning environment.”

The JackBord comes with sensors, servos and motors, and is supported by a multitude of video guides and activities – making it the ultimate STEM tool – incorporating robotics, electronics, science and programming into one learning system.

“The possibilities are in the hands and minds of users,” says Stuart. 

JackBord is a system that will see a user through their learning journey -wherever their imagination will take them. Its functionality is virtually unlimited, unconstrained by prescriptive materials. JackBorders can feed their projects back into the ecosystem for the benefit of others, all the while supported by a local team committed to the vision of authentic STEM for all to help them realise their potential at school and in the workforce. 

The Jackbord team have just re-launched, and are in the process of seeking investors to further scale across New Zealand and ultimately overseas.

“We stopped production and sales in September 2022 so we could engage a new supplier that could build higher quality components reliably, quickly, and at a more affordable price. It was a game changer and has allowed us to improve existing products, and develop new products, and provide a better experience for young learners and their educators.”

Over the past nine months, the JackBord team have been developing and refining the latest version of the JackBord and learning materials, including getting feedback through beta testing with several homeschoolers and local (Kapiti and Porirua) schools. 

Users love it and so do teachers.

“The beauty of the JackBord interface is that students are able to engage with the learning in their own space and at their own pace. As such students are not frustrated by step-by-step teacher directions. They can be given the robot and sensors, and learn through the website videos.” Anita Taylor, Teacher, Paraparaumu College

‘’Students who have lost interest in education, let alone STEM, are excited by JackBord and we have other exciting products for STEM learning in the pipeline for release over the next 12 months.’’

Great work JackBord, we look forward to seeing your ever-growing STEM product range.

Students deeply engaged in STEM working with JackBord Works devices.

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