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Creating collective impact

Discover NZTech’s origin story and its rise as a collective impact platform in The Evolution of NZTech report.

The potential impact of technology is so broad it touches all parts of New Zealand’s economy and society.  Technology underpins the safety, security, health, environmental and economic wellbeing of all citizens.  As a result, it is critical for the future prosperity of Aotearoa New Zealand.  The tech sector is also the fastest growing segment of the economy generating eight percent of our GDP and nine percent of our exports.

NZTech was established as the voice for New Zealand’s rapidly growing tech sector, but over time it has evolved into a platform for positive collective impact.  From 90 members in 2016, NZTech has grown to represent 1,653 members.

Learn how NZTech transitioned from a typical industry body to a platform structure for collective impact.  Explore how a shared sense of purpose has enabled NZTech to be relevant to a diverse range of stakeholders, aligning on issues and opportunities.  

The Evolution of NZTech outlines the organisation’s best practice model, strategic framework, community framework, maturity model, operating frameworks and collective impact platform. The report also details the key conditions for collective impact including a common agenda, reinforcing activities, shared measurements, continuous communications and backbone support.

About NZTech  

Our purpose is to help create a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand underpinned by good technology. We connect, promote and advance the tech ecosystem to help New Zealand grow.  NZTech is a not-for-profit, non-governmental (NGO) membership funded organisation.  We represent 20 tech communities and over 1600 members from across the New Zealand technology landscape who collectively employ more than 10 percent of the workforce.  Our members are startups, local tech firms, multinationals, education providers, financial institutions, major corporations, network providers, hi-tech manufacturers and Government agencies that work closely with the tech ecosystem.  Our goal is to stimulate an environment where technology provides important social and economic benefits for Aotearoa New Zealand.

NZTech We connect, promote and advance the New Zealand Technology ecosystem to help the tech sector and the economy grow.