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BlockchainNZ Pod E04 with Jit Maharaj

Jit Maharaj is a former commercial pilot turned crypto co-founder of Pay it Now, a payments network that uses a custom layer 2 built on the Binance smart chain (now BNB) that makes it easy for merchants and businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments. Jit is also a long time web developer, an Ethereum miner, and a Solana critic. 

In this conversation we talk about:  Payments networks and providers, Building on the Binance smart chain Customer rewards programs and creating a token Regulation in the crypto space in New Zealand $20k bitcoin, and being a pilot.

00:00 what is PayItNow?
03:25 fixing gas fees
08:42 what’s a layer 2?
12:20 how does a merchant onboard?
16:46 on bridging tokens
18:37 why token? (&safemoon)
24:00 competition with bitpay/stripe/shopify/solana
29:19 regulation in NZ crypto
34:13 $20k bitcoin? and market activity
38:50 cofounder story flying 737s
43:30 BCNZ in the industry
44:20 rapid fire

Some notes from the show:
Pay it Now
BNB Smart Chain
Matic & Polygon
Solend debacle
Harmony bridge hack
Indian crypto regulation
USDD lost its peg similar to UST
the last bitcoin
Hal Finney (the GOAT)

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Recorded at blockheight 742914.

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