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BlockchainNZ Pod E03 with Liz Izmailova

Hi folks, and welcome to the Blockchain New Zealand Podcast. I’m Jeff Nijsse and today I’m talking to Liz Izmailova. Liz is a Ukrainian New Zealander that has been working in blockchain for the past five years, she is a marketing manager at CENNZnet which is part of the Centrality ecosystem.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Financial Inclusion and the monetary situation in Ukraine, both before the war and presently.
  • Ukraine has been ranked 4th in global per capita crypto adoption by Chainalysis and are likely the first to have a government directly accept crypto donations and provide transparency on where those donations are going.
  • We cover a lot in the crypto-donation space in general, and some local New Zealand based projects.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Liz Izmailova.


  • 00:00 Ukrainian background, financial independence at an early age, coming to New Zealand
  • 04:18 Financial privilege in the West
  • 09:39 Crypto donations and the currency situation in Ukraine
  • 15:05 New crypto legislation in Ukraine
  • 19:02 War donation transparency
  • 23:00 FlufWorld F*ck the War campaign &
  • 28:27 How are NFTs helping?
  • 32:38 Crypto & NFTs for gen-Z’ers
  • 35:33 Crypto friendly New Zealand charities
  • 39:12 How can BCNZ help with education?
  • 41:22 Rapid fire
  • 43:35 fin

Some notes from the show:

Charitable Donations with cryptocurrency

Ukrainian NFT projects

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