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BlockchainNZ: Our Journey in 2022 and what’s next

Last month we held the BlockchainNZ Annual Meeting, where myself, and our Council Chair, Bryan Ventura, presented on the progress we’ve made over the last 12 months, what our strategic vision and core activities will be in 2023, and introduced our new council members. 

A quick recap of our strategic vision and goals for 2023:

Our goals: 

  • Grow: Represent and support the sustainable growth of New Zealand’s blockchain ecosystem. 
  • Hub: Become the hub for blockchain focused organisations (in New Zealand and overseas) to meet, connect, learn and share knowledge.
  • Educational source: Become the trusted source for blockchain educational resources to support blockchain technology adoption.
  • Updates: Keep members updated on blockchain news and developments. 

Our strategy:

  • Advocacy: (i) Thought leadership (ii) Collaborate with industry and Government on blockchain related issues (including regulation and blockchain industry growth). 
  • Education: Grow our suite of educational tools (including website, virtual and/or IRL sessions).
  • Networking: (i) Grow our suite of networking opportunities (virtual and/or IRL sessions) (ii) Grow our partnerships with trusted parties.
  • Media: Grow our media platforms to support our goals and strategy (including podcast, YouTube, website and social media).

Introducing our New Executive Council Members: 

We have the pleasure to introduce five new council members, who all bring a wealth of knowledge and thought leadership in the blockchain industry. We welcome Ben Rose,  General Manager of Binance New Zealand; Kate Waltman, Senior Manager of Web3 and Digital Assets at PwC; James Cochrane, Partner at Stace Hammond; Brett Calton, Chief Product Officer at Callaghan Innovation; and Paul Quickenden, Head of New Zealand at Easy Crypto. 

Although we welcome an array of incredible people to our council, we also say farewell and thank you to John Mackie. John has been a member of BlockchainNZ since 2018 and joined the executive council in 2020. His wealth of directorship knowledge helped form our strategic vision for education, which we hope to carry on as he pursues new ventures.

What’s happening at BlockchainNZ

BlockchainNZ Podcast

Led by Bryan Ventura (BlockchainNZ Chair) and Jeff Nijsse (BlockchainNZ council), the BlockchainNZ Podcast, holds an interview with one BlockchainNZ member each episode to talk about all things blockchain, crypto, NFTs, DeFi and more! 

Check out our latest episode, where Jeff Nijsse interviews Marc Krisjanous, IT Security Consultant at Confide. Hear them discuss security standards in crypto, where standards fit into a business, what they consist of, and touch on best practices both for businesses and for people getting into crypto. 

BlockchainNZ Executive Workshop:

Blockchain technology is changing how business and society operates, accelerating the move towards a decentralised society. It is transforming our understanding of authentication, transparency and trust in the public and private sectors.

Join this essential executive workshop, led by industry blockchain experts, to explore what blockchain is, how it works and why we should be paying attention. This workshop is hosted by Tech Futures Lab on 10 November at 8.30am. Learn more and register your interest here.

CryptocurrencyNZ Meet-ups:

Come and join us in your city for the monthly cryptocurrency and blockchain community meet-up, held on the last Wednesday of every month. For more information and to see where your city meet-up is, check out our website here. Hosted by CryptocurrencyNZ and supported by BlockchainNZ.
Ngā mihi nui,

Alison Mackie
BlockchainNZ Executive Director

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